Carriage& transport which is one of the oldest problems of man has been straining everybody’s mind,inculing Leonardo Da Vinci. After steam and electric energy invention,the elevators were used as economicly in the worly in 1876s. In our country, it started to spread from 1890s,first of all in Pera Palas Hotel. Now that multiplex building has been done since 1970s,the elevator needs arose. Edoux elevator was established in this background in 1974 by Ali SEZGİN. The firm has done beyond 5000 package-elevator fabrication assembly until now.

Our firm is aware of  rivalry in globalization enviroment. The firm has worked on quality technology  which is appropriate  to the standarts in the adaptation process of EU and  bylaws from related Ministries to provide customer pleasure which we always attach importance. In return for this workings, It has got CE and ISO 9001:2000 certificates in addition to existing TSE-TSEK documents.

ED-AS Elevator Company Group will go on following customers’ expectations with  the novelties by expanding its goals on cabin and rail fabrication-assebly,spare part and maintenance subjects.




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